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So what's your real first name?
Yes. No. Tasty!
Yes. No. Sometimes.
Treasure Island: book, movie, or Muppets?
Book. It's a classic! Movie. The book is boring! Muppets. Kermit is sexxxy!
Yes. No.
Are you patriotic?
Tears swell in my eyes when that national anthem plays. I hate this country. Muppets. Kermit is sexxxy!
Buckle your swash often?
I am quite the buckler-of-swashes. I have no need of swashes, buckled or un-. That sounds dirty.
Are you musical?
Tone-deef. I sing along with the radio, and I've played around with learning music. I know how to play at least one instrument pretty well.
If your true love was engaged to another person, what would you do?
Kill the interloper! Kill them both! Be heartbroken! I have no true love but the sea! Arr!
Did the fact that Shakespeare never got into what happened with Hamlet and the pirates bother you?
Shakespeare? Be he one of yer land-lubbin book-writers? Yes, but it was only a small flaw in an otherwise brilliant work of... err.. that is... ARR! There were pirates in Hamlet?